Shop local this Christmas and support small Bodmin businesses at the Bodmaxx Christmas Craft Fair

It is always great for small businesses to supplement their distribution with a chance to show people what they are selling and to tell people their stories. So it was great to see some local craft businesses take advantage of the opportunity to do just that on Wednesday 8th December when Bodmaxx, the creative team at IntoBodmin, hosted a Christmas Craft Fair at their space at 81B Fore Street.  Small local businesses that were there included Secret Garden, Wax & Words Cornwall, Mollie’s Designs, Wheelie Wax , Neal’s Yard Remedies and the students from Bodmin College. Bodmaxx are having another fair on Saturday , December 11th so hope that is also a great success and it would be great to see more of these little markets happening in the town.    


Neals Yard Remedies at Bodmaxx Craft Fair