Our Communities

Bodmin Chamber has community at its heart.  Aside from building a vibrant business community, the Chamber supports other organisations in the area which are striving for the same thing. 

Bodmin Town Team Logo
Bodmin Town Team is a voluntary, community-led group tasked to build on the town’s existing strengths and to support, regenerate and improve the economic, social and cultural vitality of our historic market town to the benefit of its residents, businesses, and visitors. Its ambitions for the future of the town are set out in the Bodmin 2030 and Beyond statement.
Two Directors serve as the Chambers representatives on this group: Carol Randall, who currently act as chair, and Joy Bassett.
Safer Bodmin is a multi-agency approach to community safety issues of which Bodmin Chamber is proud to be a partner. Safer Bodmin seeks to improve feelings of safety and public reassurance, reduce the risk of harm to the community and protect vulnerable groups.
The aim of Safer Bodmin is to improve community safety and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour by targeting persistent problem places and people within the geographical area and work with communities, partners and the business and voluntary sectors to develop sustainable solutions.
Safer Bodmin
Bodmin Life Magazine has been created by the same team that created the successful community magazine, Launceston Life.  Bodmin Chamber has no stake in the magazine but, as with its predecessor, the Bodmin Beacon, it is clearly aligned to our community goals and encourage our members to read and advertise in it.
intoBodmin is a cultural advocacy organisation, actively promoting Bodmin as an attractive, engaging, inspirational and progressive town. Culture is the catalyst for this, including heritage, leisure, religion, music and the arts. ​
intoBodmin is a non-profit Community Interest Company and Joy Bassett is a Director on the board.
Cornwall Channel is a Bodmin-based video production company providing a cost-effective method for businesses to get professional visual content made.  The Chamber partnered with the Cornwall Channel during the G7 conference and produced an hour-long show on regenerative agriculture and how Bodmin would use better investments by the government.  We will be continuing with producing similar shows in the near future.