Bodmin Chamber General Meeting

Bodmin Chamber General Meeting – Chapel-an-Gansblydhen – 21 November 2022 @ 18:00

Monday 21 November 2022 at 18:00

Chapel-an-Gansblydhen Bodmin, PL31 2HR

Chamber members only

Firstly, we’re looking forward to introducing you to our new members Matt Carey and Debbie Warburton. 


Monday 21st We have some business to attend to first such as deciding on the next stages of the Agri Food & Drink Centre Project, ratifying a new Director,  reflect back over the year’s events and to talk about what we want to do next year. Not a very big agenda at all!  After that there will be time for some social networking and the opportunity to share any news you want to share. It would be great to hear how you and your business are doing. We would love to give you a shout out on our LinkedIn or Facebook Pages. 


Q4 Quarterly Economic Survey: Cornwall Chamber are asking members if they could take the time (3-4mins) to complete the Q4 Quarterly Economic Survey  Have your say in the QES Q4! (


What activity/event/campaign would you like to see in our calendar over the coming months.


Traders Meeting 6th December in the Judges Dining Room in Shire House 5.45pm:  Following on from a meeting we arranged with the Traders in October, the biggest area of concern at the moment is the rising level of shop lifting and anti-social behaviour in the Town Centre. We have therefore arranged for the Traders to meet Inspector Reggie Butler and a representative from MP Scott Mann’s Office to come and hear first-hand just how bad the situation has become and to discuss what can be done. If you are affected by this issue, then please do come and attend the meeting. 


Some of the projects on our list that we are looking for volunteers to help with: 

  1. Creation of a Bodmin Skills Board. 
  2. Create a register of business and property owners/landlords in the town centre with the intention of making contact with the property owners/landlords and invite them to be part of the business community. 
  3. Increasing our membership. 

Meeting Agenda

Starting at 18:00

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Apologies
  • Chamber Matters (see above)
  • AOB
  • Date of Next Meeting